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Sand Banks Kennel is located in Eastern North Carolina where the pine trees still out number the people a million to one. Back off the road, 8/10ths of a mile where young dogs can run and not spend their life in a pen.

I've never seen one without some kind of fault but when I tell you that it's a BIRD DOG, it will be one in every way of the name! There are a lot of dogs that will point out a bird BUT not so many true BIRD DOGS. Looks and style are very important to me. This is not a puppy mill, just bred a few best of the best!

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Habitat Development Service

Personal one on one with creating a plan for you land that will keep bird’s year around. With or with out government programs. Most Game birds have the ability to range all over North America. They are able to adapt to a vast array of climates, from Canada to the gulf coast and from the east coast to Colorado. Unfortunately, quail populations have drastically declined over the last 30 years due to a lack of habitat. Quail need grasslands, bare ground, seed-producing plants and shrubs for nesting, food and cover. Urban sprawl and an increase in intensified agriculture have resulting in the largest decrease of quail habitat. Quail forever concentrates its habitat project efforts on fulfilling the biological needs of the bobwhite, as well as on the preservation of permanent areas for other wildlife. we will make a plan to fit your land.

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